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In today’s ultra-paced world of smartphones, people expect that anything that they need or want can be delivered to their doorstep, whether it is groceries or household essentials, medicines ….. the list goes on.

When there is an urgent need for the businesses to deliver an important document, and you don’t have time to wait, or when a need for last minute delivery to a valued client arises then using a flexible on demand courier service can help to eliminate the pressure of hectic work, as the traditional courier services can be slow and often lack transparency. In such situation you can consider partnering with an on demand courier service.

The following are the benefits of on demand courier services.

Deliveries can be tracked.

On demand courier services offer remarkable benefits to track the status of driver and your deliveries. A delivery request is send to a nearby drivers, by using GPS to track the driver’s route in real time. Exact location of the driver can be known and when the pickup and drop-off of your package can be done. This information can be shared with the co-workers, clients or customers who are expecting the delivery.

It makes you confident that your delivery will be on time and be delivered at the right location. For any special request or last minute change in the location of delivery can be notified to the driver.

After Hours and Weekend Service

On demand couriers are available 24/7/365 days even on holidays. In health care, food, grocery industries, same day delivery can happen after normal business hours. for eg The need for same day delivery will often happen at night and on weekends.

Online and Mobile ordering

On demand courier service come to your rescue when you’re on the go, and you want a courier service that offers online and mobile ordering. SSTech driver’s App offers user-friendly on demand courier service. Our reliable and professional same day service gives you comfort and peace of mind that you expect in a courier service.

Real Time Tracking, ETAs and Confirmations

SSTech’s on demand courier services offer live map tracking, so the package delivery can be follow from start to finish. We send up-to-the minute ETAs and delivery confirmations in order to keep you informed of your order status along its journey and through to completion without having to call in.

On demand courier service of SSTech makes your dispatch easy, it enables to make same day, last minute deliveries. Our technology solution allows to track the location, connects with delivery drivers, know the status of delivery in real time and provides full transparency, visibility. It takes out your worry of the delivery process.

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