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Company questions

Driver007 is an on demand parcel delivery online platform that connects companies, drivers and customers for all their delivery needs. Our platform offer most advanced tools to help user instantly create job, track and manage deliveries easily.
Currently, Driver007 operates in Australia, and have a plan to reach globally in future. Companies will have access to the zones that we cover on the map during delivery.
When your free job credit gets over you need to make payment to subscribe for paid jobs. We have stripe payment gateway that accept major debit and credit cards.
Driver007 App gives a delightful experience to customers, it streamline delivery operation and create customer centric logistic experience.
Driver007 mainly caters too logistic industry for all their delivery needs. And is likely to cater other industries like retail, ecommerce, hospitality and many more.
Delivery operation with web dashboard and mobile app, you can plan dispatch and analyse tasks & deliveries through a single customizable dashboard.
Driver Application (iOS/Android mobile app) everything your drivers need for their work.
Customer experience (Email Support) A pleasant experience that ensures repeat customers.

Driver’s Questions

You can sign up from app as well as website. Fill in the required criteria upload documents and enrol.
Yes, you need to have a current driver license. All of our drivers are required to have completed a criminal background check before being able to drive.
If the driver’s need to cancel job due to some unpredictable circumstances or natural calamities, he needs to mention the reason of cancellation and his job will be cancelled.
You will be notified of any jobs that come up in real time, be online and make sure that your internet is connected properly. You’ll have the option to accept or decline the job.
It is very important to understand all elements of the job before accepting it, including pick-up and drop-off locations, desired delivery timeframes, reading the customer’s instructions in the additional notes field. We would prefer you take great care when accepting a job so you don’t need to cancel one.

Recipient not at delivery address-Authority to leave unattended

Find a safe place to leave the item and take a photo through the app. If there is no safe place to leave the item, call the customer to ask for permission to book a return delivery. If the client does not answer, you have our permission to book a return delivery through the app.

No You can’t register as of now, we will shortly come up with freelance driver’s registration as well, Stay tuned.

Customer’s Questions

Company’s driver are all the drivers, who are at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license, passport copy, registration We also make sure they are not on sex offender list or terrorist watch list. All drivers needs to go through a background check.
We offers GPS tracking, so you can follow your parcel in real time via the Android, iOS or Website.
Our platform provide companies to have easy parcel deliveries for their smooth operations.

Authorisation to Leave :

If the receiver is not available and you have left the parcel with Authorisation to leave instruction, our driver will assess if there is a safe place to leave the item.

  • If there is a safe place: Our driver will leave the item and take a photo of where the item was left.
Driver007 platform provide parcel deliveries up to any distance from the pickup address.