Now more deliveries in less time, route optimization, and outstanding customer experience. A complete end to end logistic management solution.

Automate Dispatch

In Driver007’s App job is automatically assign to a driver as and when they arise on the basis of their availability, The criteria for notification will be on the basis of, notify drivers that are online, or soon become online, based on the proximity, best suitable driver for the job, route plans will be develop that meet the delivery objectives at minimal cost and mileage.

Several factors are taken into account like the best route, minimal traffic, high priority deliveries, to auto route the daily jobs in a single click.

Smart Routing

Drivers movement can be monitor live on a map, Real time visibility of multiple drivers can be gained. Efficient employee’s activity can be control and organize by the managers using the field tracking feature.

The navigation system helps to track and deliver parcels to the destination address. Active users, current tasks, vehicle’s current location, speed and distance can be track anytime anywhere.

Driver’s movement and their actions performed is visualize through the entire day with a digital record of the time of particular event occurred.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Driver007’s App increase customer’s loyalty by ensuring parcel arrive on time, improves interaction with recipients, minimizes the number of unsuccessful delivery attempts, cuts last-mile costs. Rewarding the loyal customers with special schemes so that customers gives repeat business.

Strengthening relationship with customers by offering invaluable services like real time tracking text message or email with a tracking link to track the ETA and location of their delivery driver. Taking signature from the customer as a proof of delivery to avoid dispute from the customers who later claim, they didn’t receive their package. Customer reviews and feedback for the delivery driver.

Live Management Dashboard

Management can control details regarding deliveries, assign multiple orders to driver, one order to multiple drivers, show live order status, receive client created order notifications, track all or single driver locations, prioritize orders pickup, delivery and send to driver, order searching, track drivers through a map, communicate with drivers, analyse and monitor delivery efficiency through reporting dashboard.

Management dashboard can be view on any devices mobile as well as pc. All vehicles can be monitor on a single map, and updated live.

Real Time Tracking

Driver007’s driver app helps to track every order by you and customer from start to end in real time and every move is monitor on the map, it keeps you updated of route progress throughout the duration of the task. It covers, obtaining user location data and sending back real-time updates at every step.

With the integration of Google Maps, Google places API and assistance of GPS technology, delivery personnel can take the shortest route, identify landmarks, and view their advancement towards the destination every second. Small, medium or large sized deliverables, anything can be picked, and delivery through this app.

Live Service Feedback

The final aim of the company is to assure quality services to the customer, and enhance their engagement by capturing feedback and ratings, when the service is completed. Driver’s service and performance is monitored, maintain the reason for rejected items. Customer feedback is monitored in real time on delivery.

Customer service is improved by streamlining the communication. Giving them visibility into each important step of the service, and make efforts that every customer give repeat business.

Proof of Delivery

A smart feature rich proof of delivery solution, makes it easy to manage drivers, couriers, customers, by instantly submitting delivery notifications, report performance online. It conveniently captures proof of delivery from a single device making delivery tracking and route planning effortless and effective.

It ensure perfect delivery everytime, eliminates paperwork, reduce errors, offer customers real time visibility on goods, vehicles and returnable assets, by connecting drivers, backoffice workers and logistics management. It supports signature capturing, location, arrival time, photos, driver’s note and more.

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