Delivery Features At A Glance

Automate Dispatch

Improves your delivery fulfilment process, with speed, accuracy, seamless deliveries, and no missed deliveries.

Smart Routing

Improve ETA precision with swift and smooth delivery, Real time track and trace of products whereabouts and time it will reach the customers doorstep.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase customers loyalty with immediate and ease of issue resolution and provide services that exceeds customer expectation.

Live Management Dashboard

Live management dashboard gives a complete interface by connecting you to your drivers and your drivers to their vehicle for optimized fleet operations. It notify drivers, check on a delivery status, and re-assign deliveries. It combines mandatory vehicle checks, GPS tracking, job push with integrated satellite navigation and real time driver behaviour.

Real Time Tracking

In a very convenient and efficient way coordinating, monitoring all aspects of real time delivery.Improves customer service, reduce fuel expenses with real time tracking that helps to have access to vehicle information including current location, speed and how far it is to its destination. Have a perfect estimated time of delivery. With real-time information, prevent and fix inefficient processes on the go.

Live Service Feedback

Quality of service with immediate text and email notification to our valued customers when the consignment arrives. Customer can view delivery status, and provide live feedback after delivery.

Proof of Delivery

Signature capture is collected on delivery using the Driver007’s App on arrival of shipment. Electronic proof of delivery is then emailed. A confirmed delivery letter of a shipment in good order and condition can be generated for records, which includes details such as delivery time, address of delivery, name and signature of the person who accepted the shipment. You can reduce wait time for payment with automatic proof of delivery documentation. Regular in-transit scan to know immediately when freight is misplaced and able to find it faster with online reporting. Easy to view a detailed record of exactly what issue happened during the shipment, and where the delivery arrived, if a customer make a dispute.

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